This is the second article in the series of articles on Introduction to Git. The first article can be found here. Note that the first article is a prerequisite for this article.

When working on a big project, several features of the project are being developed simultaneously. Git branching helps serve this purpose in an extremely efficient way. Let us try to understand it using an example. Suppose there are two developers — DevA and DevB. Both are working on a project together. This is how the commit history of their Git repository currently looks.

After some time they feel…

I have struggled a lot with Git! 8 out of 10 times when I would push my code, the project would break. Then I would spend the entire night trying to make my code work again but to no avail. In the morning, half-asleep, Finally, I would seek help from my friend, who is a Git God. To my amazement, he would fix the Project in just a couple of minutes. He would always say Git is simple once you understand its underlying internals.
Frustrated with my struggles with Git, one weekend, I decided that I would spend the entire…

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